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Text decorations problems using Arabic font (Sinhala MN)

Tyler from DocRaptor here :)

We've run into a strange issue with getting an Arabic font to render correctly in the output PDF. Text decorations change from the browser (which is correct) and the PDF (which is incorrect, and changes in such a way as to alter the meaning of the text).

Here's the input we're using:

And the output PDF:

The font in question is Sinhala MN, which is a font we added after the original font did not contain all the glyphs required. Sinhala MN /does/ contain the required glyphs, but we're running into the weird text decoration issues noted above. We've tested both locally and in production, in both OSX and Linux systems, and nothing obvious is showing up in creation logs.

Any ideas? We'd love to figure out what's going on here. Thanks!
This isn't Arabic, it's Sinhala, a script used in Sri Lanka, which Prince doesn't support yet.
Thanks for the clarification, Mike :)

Any chance support for Sinhalese fonts will make it onto Prince's roadmap?
Yes, but it is difficult to say if it will be done this year.
Good news: the latest build now includes support for Sinhala! :D