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'StartTag: invalid element name' error in v10r2

I'm getting a 'StartTag: invalid element name' error in Prince v10r2. The same HTML files convert perfectly in v9.0r5.

This is on Windows 7. Double checked after reinstalling both versions 9 and 10, with and without licence installed.

My documents start with standard:

<!doctype html>

Could I be missing something?
  1. prince-10-starttag-error.jpg112.7 kB

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Strange, could be a character encoding problem of some kind. It's not clear why Prince is trying to load the document as XML instead of HTML though. Could you attach a document here, or email it to me (
Thanks, Mike. Here's a document. I've had the same problem with several documents, not just this one.
  1. 1.html60.2 kB
    Chapter from book
Hmm that document looks fine, and it works for me. Do you get the same problem when you run Prince from the command-line?
The command line works fine, no problems there.

In the Windows GUI, there is no problem with individual files, and no problem with multiple files to multiple PDFs. The error only occurs when merging 2 or more files into one PDF in the Windows GUI.

I'm attaching a second file in case you want to test merging it with the last one I attached. Also attaching the stylesheet I'm using for what it's worth.
  1. 2.html59.0 kB
    Second chapter
  2. print.css13.8 kB
Ah thanks, I can reproduce the problem now. Very odd. We will investigate. :)
We have fixed this issue in Prince 10 rev 3, available now. Thank you for letting us know about it. :)
Brilliant, thanks, Mike!