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Compressed svg file only partially rendering in Prince 10.3 - works great in Prince 9!

Hi There,

I am using Prince 10.3. When i use the attached compressed svg file, the pdf only renders parts of the svg. However, when i use the uncompressed svg, it works fine.

The compressed svg actually renders perfectly on Prince 9 - so something seems to have broken since then! Please help!

- Rob
  1. compressed-image.svg35.9 kB
    Compressed Image - Doesn't work in 10.3
  2. uncompressed-image.svg85.3 kB
    uncompressed image - works in 10.3
This appears to be a regression in the way that Prince handles path data, which can have coordinates not separated by spaces if the second number begins with a decimal point, like "l1.5.3" instead of "l 1.5 0.3". We will fix this in the next maintenance release; sorry for the inconvenience.
This issue is fixed in Prince 10 rev 4, available now. Thanks for letting us know about the issue! :D