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Continuation charachter / symbol

Is there an option to set a symbol ( like a litte arrow or any unicode character of even generated content) to be used after a line that is forced to break?

We render codelines in PDF, in some cases these need to wrap, which works quite well with

word-wrap: break-word; (prince10)

But we would like to see a litte 'continuation-character' at the position of the break. (after the printed first line)

Also, we would like to use something like the above on the break of a box. If the box is a continuation of the box on the page before, we would like to insert some content, or / also have content after the break of the box on the first page, to indicate the box is continued on the next page.

Which is kind of the same as a repeating table header, but in this case the content isn't a table.

Any tips / workarounds? Unluckily we haven almost no options to change the html, (however, this could be done with javascript in prince if really needed).
I don't think there is any mechanism for this yet, although it is something we have heard before. We may need to introduce a new mechanism.
Thanx for the quick reply!

> We may need to introduce a new mechanism.

Is this as much as a filed feature request or should I create one :-) ?
This is sufficient, I will update the development roadmap. :)

Was a simple solution ever developed for this feature? Would love to use css content="continues" on page one (before the page break) and content="continued" on page two (after the page break).

Is there a hook for this function in Prince?

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Unfortunately not yet, it is something that still requires using the table thead or caption trick, or the new method of a two-pass JavaScript process to identify the page break location and log it and then reconvert the document with adjusted styling.
That's a pity... it seems like it would be relatively easy to implement in software (presumably Prince knows where page breaks are occurring), but what do I know.