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Natural stacking and z-index stacking bug

WHAT WORKS: When a number of static (inline) elements (that is: unpositioned) are stacked above each other, they are supposed to "land" above each others, with the earliest element at the bottom and the latest element on top. This works well in Prince as well.

WHAT DOES NOT WORK: If one makes the same (inline) elements mentioned above relative positioned, it turns out, in Prince, that the z-index property does not have any effect.

MY USE CASE: I needed this to work in order to ease (or fix) another Prince XML problem I stumbled upon. (The other problem being that background color one the same inline elements rendered some of the elements unreadable because they stacked above one another.) I simply wanted the positioned elements to stack in the opposite order - this made the text more readble.

I attach a PDF file to demo this, and will attach a XHTML file as well.
The bug relates to Prince 10 rev 4
  1. bug-prince-z-index-2015-09-06.pdf90.3 kB
    Prince-generated PDF as problem demo
  2. bug-prince-z-index-2015-09-06.xht77.8 kB
    XHTML source code for the problem

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I have also run into this issue trying to make a colored background div position behind some other content.