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Overprint not working for the prince-color() method

I fail to get the overprint argument of the prince-color() method working. When opening the PDF in Illustrator overprint has not be set for the graphic element.

Below is a minimized example of the SVG:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<svg width="50mm" height="20mm" version="1.1" viewBox="0 0 50 20" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns="">
    @prince-color G067 { alternate-color: #00843D }
<rect x="2" y="2" width="46" height="16" rx="1" ry="1" stroke="#404040" stroke-width="0.5" fill="prince-color(G067, overprint)"/>

I created the PDF using the below command line:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Prince\engine\bin\prince.exe" "C:\Temp\Overprint example.svg" "C:\Temp\Overprint example.pdf" --page-size="50mm 20mm" --page-margin=0

I've attached the PDF created by Prince and a PDF updated in Illustrator with overprint set for the rectangle.
  1. Overprint example - modified in Illustrator.pdf53.1 kB
    PDF with overprint set in Illustrator
  2. Overprint example.pdf2.2 kB
    PDF created by Prince
Oops, it appears we have a bug where the gray stroke is cancelling the overprint setting for the spot color fill. We will fix this in the next release of Prince, sorry for the inconvenience.
Can you give a hint when the next version is scheduled for release?

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Not sure yet, but we can provide you with an updated build as soon as we have addressed the overprint issue.
I must say you really have first class support!

The time between my bug report and your first answer was slightly less than 9 minutes.
In that time you must have:
  • Read the report
  • Tested
  • Identified the problem in the code
  • Written and posted a response
Very good indeed!
It was very helpful that you attached a short test document so that we can replicate the problem. Today we are testing a fix that should solve it.

But I cannot promise that all issues will be addressed this quickly; some tasks are very challenging and can take years to solve. :)
We have a fix ready for this overprint issue now, and can provide you with an updated build if you would like to try it. Which platform are you running Prince on?
64 bit Windows.
Thanks, there is a latest build for Windows available now.
The overprint fix is also included in Prince 10 rev 5, available now. Thanks again for letting us know.