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SVG Polygon-based Marker Regression

Had a report of this in DocRaptor support, and seems like it could affect others. There is very serious clipping of the marker ends defined by polygon that happens in Prince 10 and not prince 9. I have attached the source HTML and output from prince 9 and prince 10, and as a workaround for the customer have suggested using a path-based approach for now, since it appears to be working correctly.

Hope this can help someone in the future!
  1. svg-10.pdf1.1 kB
    Prince 10 Output
  2. svg-9.pdf1.1 kB
    Prince 9 Output
  3. svg-stripped-sample.html1.4 kB
    HTML input

Edited by joelmeador

It looks like a long-standing clipping issue that has become more obvious since we fixed marker scaling in Prince 10. We will address this shortly, thanks for letting us know.
Woo! Thanks, Mike!
This issue should be fixed in Prince 10 rev 5, available now.