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SVG with none origin viewbox gets positioned incorrectly in parent SVG

Hey mikeday,

I want to position a SVG file into another one. This works as expected if the viewbox x and y is 0. Otherwise it gets positioned according to those coordinates, which is the wrong behaviour as you can easily see in a browser.

You can find an example attached. The goldbek_logo.svg is positioned as expected at 0,0 - goldbek_logo_moved_viewbox.svg should be positioned at the same position.

Greetings from Hamburg
  1. goldbek_logo.svg8.3 kB
    svg at origin viewbox
  2. goldbek_logo_moved_viewbox.svg8.3 kB
    svg with none zero viewbox xy
  3. wrong_position.pdf5.9 kB
    resulting pdf
  4. wrong_position.svg0.6 kB
    outer svg
Thanks, we should be able to fix this shortly. Which operating system are you running Prince on?
Ubuntu, thx
We now have updated latest builds for Ubuntu that should fix this SVG issue. Please let me know if you have any further issues.
Thx, mike! I can confirm it's fixed. Looking forward to the implementation of the svg filters :)
Filters are implemented in Prince 11, available now. :)