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SVG Rendering Issue

Customer came to us with an SVG that is not rendering correctly – the top half is missing entirely – and hoped you could shed some light on it. I was able to debug it down to the particular part of the SVG that I have commented on in the attached HTML test file. Also attaching the SVG by itself which renders fine in firefox.

Hoping this one is easy to fix or workaround, but I was not able to figure anything out.
  1. andreas-svg-test.html3.6 kB
    test html
  2. szpro.svg3.6 kB
    raw svg
This is due to a gradient with stop-opacity of zero; Prince does not currently support opacity on gradients, so it is rendered as an opaque rectangle which covers half of the image.
Thanks for the explanation, mike!
We now have a latest build which supports stop-opacity in gradients!