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ConcertOne font rendered with wrong top offset


I've noticed that Chrome render and Prince render are different for the attached document. Prince renders text using Concert One font lower than Chrome.

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Sorry for the delay, I'm having difficulty reproducing this issue with Prince 10 and comparing with Firefox and Chrome output. Can you attach a screenshot or PDF of the output you are getting?
Chrome -

I can confirm that when I change font from Concert One to Roboto, Prince produces output same as Chrome.
The font appears to have inconsistent font metrics: the ascender height is reported as 2005 units in one table but 1638 units in a different table. It appears that Prince and web browsers on Linux use the first value while web browsers on Windows use the second value.

It is a bit awkward to fix this as it is technically a bug in the font.

Edit: oops, maybe Prince uses the second value and Windows uses the first value. Same problem, though.

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My mistake: the values are consistent, but the font descender value is positive, when it is supposed to be negative, and different systems may handle this situation in a different way. We will investigate further.
We can emulate the Windows behaviour by negating the font descender if it is positive, we may do this in a future release of Prince.
Thanks mikeday
We have made this change in the Prince latest builds, thanks for letting us know about the issue.