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Weirdness with <clipPath> on SVG referenced via url(#clipPathID)

Hi there

I'm wondering why my PDF will not render correctly when I have an SVG using <clipPath> that is correctly in the <defs>, and then referenced via <g style="clip-path: url(#clipPathReference)">

I *think* I'm doing things according to documentation, but the PDF does not match what is seen with the web browser (instead of an SVG with a clip path provided, the SVG does not render / is perhaps clipped with incorrect dimensions?).

All browsers see/render "withClip" version correctly (change the .src file to .html and drag/drop it on to your browser)

Without the clip-path style, things render correctly, but I need the clip!

  1. withClip.html.src86.7 kB
    HTML source. Go nuts!
  2. withClip.pdf109.7 kB
    HTML renders properly, Prince does not
  3. withoutClip.pdf109.6 kB
    HTML and PDF render the same
Here is what *should* be rendered by prince (captured view of Chrome)
  1. withClip_viaBrowser43.7 kB
    I'd like to see THIS :)
This is due to a limitation of Prince when it comes to handling clipPath elements containing multiple paths, something that PDF doesn't natively support.

We may be able to fix this limitation in a future release, but for now the simplest workaround would be to remove one of the paths, as they appear to be identical.
Thank you Mike!

Indeed I didn't even *see* the duplicated <path> within the <clipPath>. Thank you for your eyes!!
Latest builds of Prince now try to handle multiple clip paths by combining them, using a transparency mask, or if worst comes to worst by rendering the image multiple times, once for each path.