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table cell child absolute positioning bug

Prince builds 10r5, 10r7, and 20160715 seem to have a bug with absolute positioning of children of a table cell.

If you render the attached prince_table_cell_absolute_test.html with prince, I would expect output similar to the attached "Expected output.png", which was rendered with Chrome.

It seems to be attaching the absolutely-positioned child elements to the bottom of the table content, rather than the bottom of the table cell, which doesn't seem correct.

Hope this helps track down the problem! Thanks for making a great piece of software!
  1. Expected output.png61.4 kB
    Expected output
  2. Prince output.png63.2 kB
    Current output
  3. prince_table_cell_absolute_test.html1.3 kB
    Test case
Thanks, we will investigate this issue.
Any progress on this?
We should have an updated build ready for testing early next week.
The latest build is now available and should fix this problem.
Just tested the Aug 10 build, it's a bit better, but not quite fixed. The absolutely-positioned content should appear at the very bottom of the table cells, directly adjacent to the border.
  1. Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 1.21.28 PM.png133.7 kB
Thanks, we will take a look.
Any word on this one?
Sorry for the delay, please try the latest build (20160914) which includes another table cell absolute position fix.
Thank you!
I tried to process dino's demo with the latest build (20160914) and I don't think the wrapping of the longer absolutely positioned text is quite satisfactory - here it wraps the sentence one word to late, meaning the word "table" overlaps the border of the table cell.. It's possible to work around it by setting for example right:10px on that element, but isn't the logic for calculating the width of that DIV.bottom-absolute a bit optimistic..?

(I admit I have not checked what the spec says on calculating such widths..)

Announcement: repos for tests/utils

  1. prince-3429.png42.2 kB
I may be able to make this work, thanks guys!
I installed the new build(20160914) but it seems not to be understanding some of the css rules?

Error: prince: -:style:1578: warning: unknown property 'column-break-inside'
prince: -:style:1852: warning: parse error in value of property 'color' at '$'
prince: -:style:2047: warning: unknown property 'column-break-inside'
prince: -: warning: unsupported properties: break-inside

Edited by dino

The new build has an improved CSS parser that actually gives warning messages for syntax errors or unsupported properties. You can disable these by passing --no-warn-css-unknown and --no-warn-css-unsupported on the command-line, or just --no-warn-css to disable all errors, although it might be worth checking that $ in the color property.
Thanks Mike!