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Unexpected pagination with large, floated divs

Hello. As always, thanks for such a fantastic tool!

I'm seeing some unexpected pagination behavior when dealing with an element that is floated and large enough height to break across multiple pages.

Attached is an HTML file and the PDF output I'm getting using the 20160715 build.

Expected output: "PROBLEM TWO" appears after the "d" box.
Actual output: "PROBLEM TWO" appears on the first page, after the "a" box.

I think I can see an argument for why the actual output here is a fair interpretation of "float:" in a paginated context. If this is the intended output, what's the smallest change I could make to get the output I describe in "Expected output" above? (The float: property here is part of a class that applies to a _lot_ of content, and so if at all possible I would love to find a workaround that does not require changing that.)


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  2. pages.pdf22.0 kB
Ah, tricky. We will take a look. :)
This float interleaving bug should now be fixed in the latest builds, thanks for letting us know! :)
Also thanks for writing a very good and helpful test to demonstrate the issue. I've added a somewhat modified version to a repository with miscellaneous tests - pagination-with-large-floated-divs-001.htm, hope you don't mind. This will help the developers guard against regressions that might re-introduce this problem at some point in the future.

Announcement: repos for tests/utils