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background-image css property for <tr> does not display image and fails silently

Hello I've been playing around a bit with your PHP-wrapper, it would seem that styling a table rows background-image property does not work and there is no log entry for failing to load the image uri.

I've attached a php/html document which shows this problem. I've tried supplying fileRoot and adding relative / absolute path to the image but it does not seem to make a difference.

When a non-existing uri is provided I get a log entry from prince but when a valid path is added there is no error entry.

I'm running prince_10r7-1_ubuntu16.04_amd64
  1. test_prince.php2.4 kB

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Currently Prince does not support the background-image property on table rows, sorry.
Thanks for the quick response.
Is this something you are considering implementing?
Eventually, but probably not this year. It's a kind of awkward feature due to rowspan cells.