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Maximum size of HTML file?

I've just added chapter 76 to a book I have written. All worked well before doing so. I can actually find a point in the most recent chapter where if I add one more letter, Prince conversion is unsuccessful.

Is there a maximum file size, or number of characters, etc., that Prince can accommodate?

Thank you
There is no hard-coded limit. What error are you seeing, which platform are you running on, and how big is the input file?
Windows 10, 64 bit. Prince 11.

The HTML file is 691 KB. But there are quite a few graphics in addition to the HTML code.

Style sheet is 16 KB

The converted PDF file is 7,963 KB and is 200 pages.

The error in the Prince GUI is "Unsuccessful" under 'Status'.

It seems to be a size issue because I can add single letters within the HTML document until the Prince conversion fails. e.g. I delete one 'x' and it Converts perfectly. I add one 'x' and it is Unsuccessful.

Thank you for the help!

That's large, but not exactly enormous. Would you be able to show me the document ( so I can do some memory profiling?

If it's going over a couple of gigabytes of memory usage then you may need to install the 64-bit ZIP package for Prince. Its contents can be copied into the Engine folder of the GUI installation.
Yes. I would be glad to email the html file to you. I will attach the style sheet as well.

If you need additional access, I can set things up such that you could access those files as well as the graphics files online.

Again, thank you for the help.
It turns out that the issue is related to the length of the caption text for the PDF bookmarks / outlines. We will fix this in a future release of Prince, and a short-term workaround is to disable the bookmark in question with the prince-bookmark-level property or change its content with prince-bookmark-label.
Thank you so much Michael for solving this odd problem.

The process is working perfectly now!
HI, i have a HTML file with large data(its around 10 lac records) when i use prince to convert this HTML to PDF, its failing and the instance of prince is running.
It is working fine if i do the same with limited records.
can any one please provide the solution for this.

Are you running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Prince? How much RAM do you have available?