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Columns and overflow: hidden

The way that overflow: hidden interacts with columnized block elements seems incorrect in Prince (11.1).

Attaching screenshot of browser behavior, which is expected, and html input and pdf output. The PDF outputting columns until all content has been printed is very strange to me.

Are there any workarounds for this beyond something like: "use a table"? :D
  1. 6e7a2j1b-1.pdf25.8 kB
  2. Screenshot 2017-04-05 13.35.34.png55.9 kB
    Browser shot
  3. column-overflow.html2.8 kB
Missing a semi-colon after hidden by the way, might be affecting output.
Just tested, and it did not. Thanks for the catch, though!
We have included a workaround for this issue in the latest build.