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MathJax in Prince XML

I have tried to render the mathml/tex equation using MathJax in prince XML, but it's not working for me. Attached JS file copied from prince forum.

  1. ConfigMathJax.js1.7 kB
  2. render-math-and-dump.js4.9 kB
  3. test.html5.0 kB
  4. test.pdf50.4 kB
This JavaScript is for use with PhantomJS, not with Prince.
Hi, I have tried with windows, but it's not working for me.

phantomjs render-math-and-dump.js test.html | prince --javascript -o test.pdf
  1. ConfigMathJax.js1.7 kB
  2. output.pdf51.6 kB
  3. render-math-and-dump.js11.9 kB
  4. test.html4.6 kB