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Initial View / Magnification / zoom


Is there any option to set Initial View / Magnification / zoom to 100% ? Now it open default as Automatic Zoom.

It might be possible with a PDF "open action"; we don't have any other way to specify initial zoom level at this time.
I'd like to try this but I can't find any documentation anywhere that explains what are valid strings to use with open action. Do you know of any resources that cover this?
This is quite difficult to find. Apparently most Acrobat menu items can be used as named actions, but I think there is no menu item that zooms to 100% without specifying an additional parameter. We may need to find another way of doing this.
We are also interested in a solution for open actions.
We will take a look at this.
You could try specifying "prince-pdf-open-action: command(FitPage)", however this might only work in Acrobat and not other PDF viewers. In the next build we will support other zoom options, however these also only appear to work in Acrobat unfortunately. :(

(When delivering PDF files over the web it is possible to add viewer preferences to the fragment identifier as well).
In Prince 12 we also support "prince-pdf-open-action: zoom(fit-page)" and you can also specify fit-width or fit-height or a percentage. This uses a different mechanism (a GoTo action) but again is most likely only supported by Acrobat at this time.