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Use SSL client certificates

Is it possible to supply a client certificate to Prince to be used when connecting over SSL?

I can see the --ssl-cacert option which corresponds to Curl's --cacert but I don't see anything which would correspond to --cert.

Is a way to achieve this that I've missed or would this be a feature request?
Prince does not support client certificates. Is this a requirement for accessing an internal server?
Hi Mike thanks for the quick response!

You're right that this is for accessing an internal server.

We use client certificates for most of our internal servers, however, I'm investigating whether we will definitely need to use them in this case.

Is it possible that Prince will support this in the future (and if so roughly what kind of timescales would we be looking at)?
It's not currently on our roadmap, but we can take a look.
Which operating system are you running Prince on?
We're mainly running Prince on RHEL 6.
In the latest build we have added support for SSL client certificates with these new command-line options:
--ssl-cert=FILE           Specify an SSL client certificate file.
--ssl-cert-type=TYPE      Specify the SSL client certificate file type. [pem,der]
--ssl-key=FILE            Specify an SSL private key file.
--ssl-key-type=TYPE       Specify the SSL private key file type. [pem,der]
--ssl-key-password=PASS   Specify passphrase for the private key.
Great news thanks Mike!