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Html attributes needs to be written in lowercase in Jquery

I recently came across a problem when trying to rearrange the DOM in Jquery prior to the final layout.

It appears that if you do a Jquery like this :

you need to put the attribute name in lowercase or it won't be found.

same with:

I'm using the PHP wrapper along with the convert_string_to_passthru function and using file_get_contents to get the content from another file.

Idk if this applies to the CLI version or other wrappers but after searching for hours i couldn't find any references to this problem. It's actually super easy to fix but would require a notice somewhere because otherwise you're left with almost nothing to find the problem.
We can fix this in Prince, we just need to figure out the minor issue of whether SVG attributes like viewBox should be case-insensitive or not; it appears that Chrome says yes but Firefox says no.
We have fixed these issues in the latest build, thanks for letting us know. :)