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Marcin Stawicki
Does Prince 11 support highcharts? If so, what should be customised to generate a PDF-file consisting of HTML and charts created by highcharts? --javascript does not seem to work in this case.
Prince does not support Highcharts, but we do have a compatibility script that can help with some charts and may be worth a try:

Otherwise we would recommend converting the chart to SVG.
FYI, we planned on converting our Highcharts to SVG, but we did not have to because Highcharts animations were turned off, and it worked. In other words, in our app, Highcharts with animations option on, does not work with Prince; Highcharst wtih animations option off, does work with Prince.
Thanks, that's good to know!
One of the hacks the compat.js script applies will set properties named "animation" to false to make Highchart run w/o animation effects. Makes it a lot easier to use it with a "static snapshot generator"-type of thing like Prince.

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