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internal error: make_flex_cross_items: none

Hello, I am receiving this error on the latest build, and I'm trying to narrow down what could be causing it:

internal error: make_flex_cross_items: none

I am running this command (filenames have been simplified):

/usr/local/bin/prince --verbose --input=html --log=prince.log --style=stylesheet.css tempfile.html -o tempfile.pdf

And here is the full log output:

Fri Jun 22 16:59:09 2018: ---- begin
Fri Jun 22 16:59:10 2018: stylesheet.css: warning: unsupported properties: box-shadow, line-break, object-fit, overflow-x, overflow-y, pointer-events, resize, text-shadow
Fri Jun 22 16:59:10 2018: stylesheet.css: warning: unsupported functions: calc()
Fri Jun 22 16:59:11 2018: internal error: make_flex_cross_items: none
Fri Jun 22 16:59:11 2018: ---- end

The result is that no PDF file is output.

I am using flexbox, so I'm wondering if it could be something I'm trying to do that's unsupported. But I'm not sure where to start looking.

Does anyone know what exactly this error is saying, or whether it is a bug?

Thank you!
This is a bug, unfortunately. If you can send us your source code we will look into it.
Hi Mark,

No problem! Is there a way for me to email you the code privately? I've seen that this was done in another bug post.
You can send code privately to and he will deal with it appropriately, likely forwarding it to me :-)
Thanks Mark! I have emailed in the stylesheet and HTML template.
This issue should now be fixed in the latest build, along with support for page-breaking single row/column flex containers! :D
Hey Mike, thanks for circling back on this. That is great news!