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How do I get an arabic book to output in the correct page sequence?

The Arabic version of a text is setting in the right direction within a page but it sets pages left to right.

I have CSS direction: rtl on the body element. And the language code set properly in the HTML.

I can use a script in Acrobat to reverse the page order which is mainly fine: am I missing anything in Prince?
We don't support reversing the entire document yet. We can add this to the roadmap.
Does it help if you set Document Properties > Advanced > Reading Options > Binding to "Right Edge" in Acrobat? This corresponds to a viewer preference /Direction /R2L that Prince does not yet set.
mikeday: thanks

wangp: thanks, that does the trick very nicely, as far as I can tell.
We've supported setting this viewer preference automatically in Prince 12.1, available now.