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Page-break inside Flexbox


when trying to utilize the new flexbox-support, I found that is seems impossible to have a page-break inside a flexbox. Is this intentional or a bug?

The layout that I'm trying to achieve would be a the layout that e.g. Chrome is printing with the attached input file. Is there any way I that I can achieve this with Prince?
  1. flexbox_pagebreak.html3.8 kB
    Sample HTML
Currently flex containers can't be split across pages, we plan to support this in the next release of Prince.
For now perhaps you can do things the old-fashioned way:
.container { display: table-row }
.left, .right { display: table-cell }
What is the current status? Is the bug fixed already?
The earlier example is now supported in latest builds (not in Prince 12), so simple flex containers can be broken over multiple pages! :D
Thanks, I will test it.
Has this fix landed yet? I'm converting web content into PDFs and flexbox is becoming more and more common, so the pagebreak limitation is becoming more of a pain...
Yes, breaking of single column flex containers was included in Prince 13, however the latest builds now also support breaking multi-line flex row containers.