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error: bad JSON in job chunk when using XMP from wrapper

When I try to generate PDF from a simple HTML using only the XMP data option to set the creator, the wrapper returns the following error from the prince executable:

error: bad JSON in job chunk

I debugged the JSON that the wrapper generates for the prince executable and it looks fine:


When I generate a pdf using the command line using the --pdf-xmp option it works fine, the pdf is generated and the creator is set (so the XMP file is fine).
The command line:
prince.exe --pdf-xmp file:///C:/Users/twouters/princexml/meta.tmp test.html -o test.pdf

I think there might be a problem with the prince executable parsing the JSON somehow?
Yes this is a bug we will fix shortly, sorry for the inconvenience.
This is fixed in the latest build, thanks for letting us know!
Thank you for the fast response.