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PDF comments/annotation

Is it possible, to set a PDF comment/annotation with PrinceXML?

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No not yet, we lack a mechanism to describe these in HTML/CSS.
Thanks, Mike. Wouldn’t this be something like »-prince-pdf-comment« as you’ve done with »prince-tooltip« (which I found just that second!)?

I’ll try »prince-tooltip« for my special case.

Yes, although tooltips have relatively well-defined appearance, whereas annotations can be positioned and styled in more flexible ways which may require offering a more complete interface to set their properties.
Any update?

I need to annotate <ins> and <del> tags with the associated errata number in a specification process I'm working on.

Something like: "Errata B20, Part 1 of 4" Ideally, using the highlight text with note annotation. Perhaps also including the errata number as the "author" so that the Acrobat "filter comments by author" feature can help locate all parts of a given erratum.

If I can't do anything in PrinceXML, then I would have to do something ugly. Options I'm thinking of are:

* Output tooltips and then have a Javascript program in some other tool (Acrobat DC for instance), convert tooltips into comments.
* Use the PrinceXML box interface and emit an xfdf file with the right content. Use Acrobat to import that xfdf file.

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We are taking another look at PDF comments and annotations.
Hello, it seems this requested feature has been implemented in the latest build (20220510). Is there any documentation or demo to learn from? Thanks!
Thanks, it's amazing.