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Color names

Which color names does Prince recognize? I am using a program which spits out the style in a tag as such:

<p style="border-right: windowtext solid 1px;">Whatever</p>

This does not come through in a Prince xml-pdf transform, but it does in internet explorer and firefox.
Interesting; the "WindowText" color is one of the CSS2 system colors, used to create documents that fit in with the platform interface. Prince does not support these color names, as Prince is not a browser and PDF files can be viewed on any platform. (Also, these colors have been deprecated in CSS3 in favour of the new "appearance" property).

However, we could always just map these colors to some reasonable sane default values, perhaps similar to those chosen by IE or Firefox. I will investigate this for the next release.
For the record, support for the CSS2 System Colors has been added to Prince 5.0.