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Subsetting of embedded Open Type CFF Fonts

I am trying to get CJK working properly on Amazon Linux. They include some CJK fronts in their packages but its not complete and I will raise this with them. In the meantime I found Google Noto fonts which seems like the best way forwards as they cover most languages without licence costs.... however they only provide OTF font which I think contains a format called "CFF"... then my PDF size balloons to 26Mb.

I presume this is because Prince cannot subset this type of font?

I see this issue was reported already 10 years ago:

And again here:

I would like to raise it again and ask if/when its on the roadmap?

In the meantime I will try to cobble together some true type fonts on my Amazon Linux distribution to get me out of the hole.

Currently the Arphic fonts (eg. AR PL UMing) are the best bet for Linux. We hope to address the CFF subsetting issue this year.
Hello Michael,

whats the status of subsetting OTF fonts? When this feature will be available?
Soon! We have passed our first test cases for this feature this week! :D
Prince latest builds now support subsetting for CFF fonts! :D
When there will be a final release with this feature?
Prince 13 will be released next month, but the latest builds are usable now.