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Command line: Using --auth-user and --auth at the same time (Prince 11)


Is it possible to use --auth-user/--auth_password on the command line and also specify a --auth option?

I am looking at getting Prince to go via a Squid proxy that has a user/config for different internal users. Some users already supply --auth-user to authenticate to other web services outside or infrastructure.

Hence can I keep the "--auth-user/--auth_password" functionality for web authentication and provide a new "--auth" parameter for authenticating with the new proxy server?

Any advice is gratefully received.

You can put the username and password for the proxy in the proxy URL itself or in the http_proxy environment variable, is that sufficient?
Thanks for getting back to me.

I have a further question, can I do both? e.g. keep the existing "--auth-user/--auth_password" for the current WWW sites the job is going out to but add a new "-auth //USER:PASS@HOST[:PORT]" for our new proxy server we are putting in before the request leaves our site?
The --auth options only apply to actual sites, not the proxy; the proxy authentication credentials need to be included in the --http-proxy URL or environment variable.
Brilliant. Many thanks for your help and assistance.