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problem with list indent

Hello, I am testing Prince and I have found a strange (at least to me) behaviour when rendering a list.
CSS for the item is:
     ul.biblio, ul.biblio li {
    	font: 8pt "Lucida Sans Unicode";
        list-style: none inside;
        padding: 5px 10px;}

My list is with 2 lines and a <br /> like
<li>Name<br />
Full Name and data</li>

and it is rendered consistently everywhere BUT in Prince, where the first line is indented. Any idea?
It appears to be caused by the "list-style: none inside", can you change it to just "none" instead? We will investigate the issue.
Sorry for the late reply, thank you for your suggestion: now it is working just fine!
This bug has been fixed in the latest build, thanks for letting us know!