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DIVs with images inside are overlapped by following paragraphs

This only happens with the new v12.5. I downgraded back to v11.4 and the issue does not exist. I'd try versions in between if the Debian packages were available…

Example code:

For PDF generation, HTML is slightly modified and a different CSS is used (find both in the attached zip file).

Results: The first paragraph following the 3 screenshots-in-a-box starts at 2/3 of the images heights in the PDF (at about the F-Droid logo in the first) generated with Prince 12.5. It starts where expected when using 11.4.

As I wrote: If you want to narrow down what introduced this, please let me know where to find the *.deb of the versions between 11.4 and 12.5 and I check which is the first showing this issue.
  1. androiden.zip260.2 kB
Meanwhile was able to fetch 12.0 to 12.4. As soon as I find some time (hopefully within this month) I'll try to narrow it down upgrading step-by-step until it happens again. As I know my luck, it will probably be a straight hit with 12.0 so I cannot upgrade at all…
I can confirm that the problem does occur in 12.0. We will need to add this to the roadmap.

Thanks for the bug report.
Thanks for the confirmation, Mark! That saves me from testing all the in-between versions. Looking forward then to a fix, fingers crossed!