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SVG + gradient + transparency + rotation

In our HTML pages, we have SVG elements with shapes that can be filled with a gradient.If the SVG element is inside a rotated container, and if a gradient stop has transparency, the gradient is not rotated correctly in the PDF. However, if all stops have an opaque color, the result is correct.

In the attached HTML file, the case 2 (top right) shows the problem. Cases 1 (top left) and 3 (bottom) are OK because only one of the two conditions is met.
  1. SVG+rotation+gradient+transparency.html2.3 kB
    HTML source file
  2. SVG+rotation+gradient+transparency.pdf8.2 kB
    Converted PDF file
Thanks, this is a bug in Prince which we will fix shortly.
This bug has now been fixed in the latest build, thanks again for letting us know! :)