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counter(footnote) in footnote-marker numbering returns duplicate numbers

When using a custom function to format the footnote-marker, if the footnotes are on the same line, the footnote-marker number will always show the last footnote number in that line. I have created a html page that can be used to duplicate the bug.

I'm using Prince version 12.5 on MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 and Just for reference here is the code for html:

      .fn {
        float: footnote;
      *::footnote-marker {
        content: prince-script(formatPageNumber, counter(footnote)) '. ';
      One morning<span class="fn">First Footnote</span>,
      when Gregor Samsa<span class="fn">Second Footnote</span> 
      woke from troubled dreams, he found himself
      transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin.

      Prince.addScriptFunc('formatPageNumber', formatPageNumber)

      function formatPageNumber(pageNumber) {
        return pageNumber //I'm just returning the pageNumber to display the bug

  1. demo.html1.7 kB
  2. out.pdf30.4 kB

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Wow that's an unexpected one! Thank you for the test case, we will investigate this issue.
Thank you for investigating the issue. will any update on this posted here?
Yes, that is why we have the forum, to address issues like this. :D
One major version upgrade from since I posted this bug to your forums and not even an update on when we can see this issue resolved. Can you provide an ETA?

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My apologies for the delay, we have a backlog of tricky issues that we hope to address this year.