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Create Document with output intent and rgb colorspace

Hey there,

I want to export my PDF with the following settings:

- pdf-profile none
- output-intent: sRGB2014.icc (from here:
- all my images are in RGB

no matter which profiles i use, no matter which icc profiles I download and test, I always get:

prince: debug: writing PDF to file: /tmp/photobook-jorn-1.pdf
prince: loading ICC profile: /app/etc/sRGB2014.icc
prince: debug: loaded resource: /app/etc/sRGB2014.icc
prince: debug: loaded resource: type: no
prince: debug: output intent ICC profile is not CMYK, using fallback
prince: loading ICC profile: /usr/lib/prince/icc/USWebCoatedSWOP.icc
prince: debug: loaded resource: /usr/lib/prince/icc/USWebCoatedSWOP.icc

it says it uses cmyk profile as output intent (fallback) but no output intent whatsoever is written in the file (can see that in adobe preflight).

Whats the problem here?

Thank you!
Only PDF/A or PDF/X files get an output intent. For an RGB color space, I suggest PDF/A-3.
Hi, thanks for your help.

My printer specifically says there should be no profile on the pdf used, but an output intent specified :(
That's not supported by Prince yet.

You can use Preflight to add an output intent to a PDF. Click on "Select single fixups" (the wrench icon) then search for "intent".
With the Prince latest builds you can now specify an output intent color profile without needing to specify a PDF profile.