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Put 2 table header rows with <th>s of different widths

In my table, I would like to have 2 header rows that repeat on each page, where the first row is one wide line, and the second row is made up of 5 shorter columns. In other words, I would like:

<th>Long Machine Name Preferably in One Line</th>

The problem is, the <th> in the top row and the first <th> in the second row seem to be locked together in width. No matter what I do (give them each their own different widths for example) the:
<th>Long Machine Name Preferably in One Line</th>
are the SAME width. How can I make these two field their own unique width? I've attached the full file.

Thank you!

  1. test1.html4.5 kB
How about applying colspan="5" to the first th?
That works! I'd overlooked the "colspan" info. THANK YOU so much!