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Help with Customer Issue Understanding content flowing off page entirely

Hi, I have a multi-column newsletter style PDF that I am generating, however it seems like some images get completely removed. In the code it still shows the image as being there, but DocRaptor has completely removed it. This only happens on certain areas of the newsletter and I am not sure why.

We actually want our images to just be cut off, as we have set heights on columns. We still want to see the cut-off part of the image, not have it disappear completely. Changing the DPI just makes everything smaller, making those particular images fit inside the frame, alleviating the problem. However, other PDFs we are trying to make have images too large, and they still completely disappear. This only happens on the second page on the bottom articles.

One of our customers sent this to us and it has us stumped. We've tried a few things like changing the DPI, changing font-sizes, etc. When I added debugging colors to background of things it really seems like for some reason images are just being scooted off the page for no reason. I'd love some insight and hopefully the DR support team has missed something very glaringly obvious.

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I'll look into this.

The image element is inline-block, hence in a line box, and these don't get fragmented. The line gets pushed to the next page, but does not display there due to the "overflow:hidden" on the article element.

Maybe it is possible to use absolute positioning to get the desired effect? Absolutely positioned elements are cut off at the bottom of the page, and don't get fragmented.