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Flex child is wrongly sized when container writing-mode is vertical-rl

I'm trying to distribute mixed Chinese and English characters evenly through CSS Flex Box in vertical writing mode.

It works well on Safari/Chrome, but Prince seems to be struggling with this.

It seems like Prince is generating the size of the flex children as if it is in horizontal mode, despite the content being laid out in vertical mode.

Further, you can see that each character is off the div box when writing-mode: vertical-rl.
  1. Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 12.10.27 PM.png596.3 kB
    Prince PDF, Chrome, Safari
  2. Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 12.10.59 PM.png690.0 kB
    Force div writing mode to horizontal
  3. princetest.html1.1 kB
    The HTML file

Flexbox with vertical writing is not supported in Prince 12.5 and earlier. Have you tried this using one of the latest builds?

Thanks Mark, I wasn't aware there are latest builds available. I tried Prince 20190814 and it worked like a charm!

Any ETA for 12.6?
We are currently working towards a 13.0 release, although we don't have an official ETA on that.