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PDF/UA-1: Prince logo - Alternate text can't hide an annotation

When testing my Prince generated PDF in Acrobat Pro's Accessibility Checker/Report, I receive the following error:

Acrobat Pro Accessibility Report wrote:
Rule Name: Hides annotation
Status: Failed
Description: Alternate text should not hide annotation

Acrobat Pro tag structure:

Acrobat Pro Annot(ation) properties:

Acrobat Pro error explanation: wrote:
Hides annotation

Alternate text can't hide an annotation. If an annotation is nested under a parent element with alternate text, then screen readers don't see it.

To remove alternate text from nested elements:

1. Choose View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Tags.
2. Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac OS) a nested element in the Tags panel and choose Properties from the context menu.
3. Remove the alternate text from the Object Properties dialog box, and then click OK.

I realise that the P icon and associated annotation are Prince's way of reaching paying customers via non-paying ones. I don't have a problem with this (it's a great product), but I do think that the uncontrollable parts of the layout should validate against PDF/UA-1 (if this is a PDF/UA-1 error).
  1. 1-Acrobat-Pro-tags.png9.9 kB
  2. 2-Acrobat-Pro-Annot-Properties.png47.4 kB
  3. 3-Acrobat-Pro-explanation.png59.5 kB
Which version of Prince are you using? Have you specified the PDF/UA-1 profile?
Sorry, here's a bit more info:

prince --version
Prince 12.5
Copyright 2002-2019 YesLogic Pty. Ltd.
Non-commercial License

prince /Volumes/DanBackup/Websites/cv/html/file.html --output=pdfs/file.pdf --pdf-profile=PDF/UA-1 --no-artificial-fonts --disallow-modify
Thanks, you've caught us at a long weekend but we will investigate next week. :)
Thanks Mike. Note that this issue isn't raised by PAC 3.
The alternative text was not required after all so we will remove it. Thanks for bringing it up.
Great, thanks for actioning it.
Another possible solution is to buy a license :)
Thanks, but your remark is unhelpful. It assumes that the software should not be used in its free state, and that I have the money to pay for a license. Both assumptions are incorrect.

I am happy to go into more detail if you wish.

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This accessibility issue affecting the P logo annotation has now been fixed in the latest build, thanks again for letting us know! :)