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Problems with Sinhala language


We're having an issue with Prince XML 12.4 in which we're getting question marks on Sinhala language when exporting to PDF. We are recieving this message on the log, but not really sure how to fix it.

warning: no font for Sinhala character U+0DC3, fallback to '?'

Does prince have support for this language?

While this particular error can be avoided by specifying a Sinhala font, unfortunately Prince does not support Sinhala shaping for OpenType yet, so the text will not look correct. We plan to support Sinhala in a future release of Prince.
Any update on when Sinhala might be supported? We also need to render Sinhala. Thank you!
Support for Sinhala is still on the roadmap but we don't have a date yet.
Good news: the latest build now supports Sinhala! :D