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Text wrap works fine in html/browser and does not work the same in pdf/prince

In multiple Images scenario if the images are applied float property either left or right the text beside image wraps properly but the text above the image does not take the full width and leaves an empty white space in the pdf. This scenario works fine with HTML or the web browser but the generated pdf differs from the HTML.

Snapshots and the HTML as well as the generated PDF file
  1. HTML-snapshot.png121.4 kB
    Snapshot of HTML
  2. PDF-snapshot.png113.6 kB
    Snapshot of PDF
  3. document.html7.9 kB
    Sample HTML
  4. document.pdf142.1 kB
    Generated PDF
I believe this issue is caused by a limitation of Prince affecting "concave" float layouts, where a wide float is pushed down the page by a narrow float. In this situation Prince will reserve enough space for the wide float all the way down. We hope to fix this issue in the future.
Thanks for your helpful demo, I have tried to simplify it even some more. Such demos are very helpful to developers! :)

Announcement: repos for tests/utils

  1. 4306.htm3.5 kB

What is a reasonable ETA on this. We are basically stuck and cannot add images properly until we have a fix.

We will investigate and get back to you shortly.
We plan to include a fix for this concave float layout issue in Prince 14, which we plan to release before the end of this year. However we can't yet give an ETA for when it will be available in a latest build, hopefully we will have a better idea of the timing in the months to come.