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Problem to render HTML with HighCharts


we would like to remove our old way to generate PDF and get to prince. Right now we generating HTML with placeholders using jsview which are our templates.

I tried to setup a sample how we would feed prince and would like to see the output. So far so fine, but only the embedded highcharts seems to be broken. I have no clue what im doing wrong, maybe somebody has a hint for me.

Thank you!
  1. super.html10.8 kB
    This is the prepared HTML
Please try running Prince with the "--javascript --script compat.js" options, using the compatibility script for HighCharts available here:
Thank you for the hint. With the script it works much better but some adjustments have to be done. I guess this one can be handled via settings.

Happy to hear my compat script worked for you ViFire :)

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