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How to add OpenSymbol font (Win10) ?

My prototype application creates an XML file that is then transformed (XSLT) into an HTML file. The HTML file has many checkboxes on it. The HTML web page looks fine. If I "Print..." the web page and use the "Save As PDF" option, the resulting PDF looks fine. When I use Prince to convert the HTML to PDF, the checkmarks are missing and replaced with a "?". I get the error:

No font for Dingbats character U-2713, fallback to "?"

I see this issue has been discussed in the past:

mikeday replied "In the meantime, installing the OpenSymbol font and including "OpenSymbol" in the font-family property should do the trick."

Although I'm a software developer, I'm a newb at HTML/CSS/etc and have the following questions:

Exactly where (URL) does one download a clean/safe OpenSymbol font file from?

And once I install the font on my Windows 10 laptop, exactly what files need to be changed (and how) to "include the OpenSymbol in the font-family property". I'm clueless here. I can't even spell CSS.

Thanks in advance...
Let me investigate, we should be able to provide a better solution than installing OpenSymbol as there must be a font already installed on Windows 10 that has a glyph for this character.
My company laptop blocks all freeware/shareware sites (very locked down), so I ended up getting OpenSymbol on my own and managed to install it on my development laptop.

I then figured out that if I add the following to the stylesheet I pass into the Java-based Prince converter instance, that I can get the missing checkmarks all through my document:

body {
font-family: "Times New Roman", opensymbol, serif;

It would be great if I could just use a standard Windows 10 font (or something downloaded from Microsoft) so that I don't have to get IT involved to install a non-standard/rogue font.

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The Segoe UI Symbol font should do the trick, we will add this to the default serif definition in a future release of Prince.
Thanks for sorting that out. I just ran a test and the Prince-generated PDF has checkmarks. Woot!.

Seriously, thanks so much for the prompt support. I really, really appreciate it.
We have added the Segoe UI Symbol font as a fallback in Prince 13.2, available now, thanks for letting us know about the issue! :D