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Accents in Romanian


I've been using PrinceXML for many many years. Thank you for the great software.

Today, I've tried to generate a PDF with some Romanian (see the attached PDF). As you can see, some characters with accents look weird.

Here is the original text:

Timpul tău este prețios. Nu te aștepta la paragrafe lungi și nici la explicații lungi despre conceptele de bază. Cartea descrie mai mult o călătorie.

The font is Times New Roman, so I think it is supposed to support all characters.

Thank you,

  1. Screenshot from 2020-03-28 17-41-36.png16.7 kB
    Generated PDF
It's clearly falling back to another font (DejaVu Sans), suggesting that Times New Roman does not in fact support the characters that you need.

Perhaps you could use a different font like DejaVu Serif, Liberation Serif, Cambria, or a newer version of Times New Roman.