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Is it possible to have running elements that don't get removed from the normal flow?

My use case is I have a header element that has dynamic content which can use multiple lines depending on what a user has entered in their profile (email, address, phone number, etc).

The problem I'm encountering is if I set a static margin top on the page, let's say 0.5in and the header is 200px, then the header gets cut off when using the running element inside the page regions.

Is it possible to keep an element in the normal flow but have it act as a running element without adding it to a page region?

I'm on Prince 13.5 if that helps.
One approach is to put it in a repeating table caption or table header element.
Thanks for the reply, mikeday. Would I use a table for the entire page or just the section I want to stick per page?
For the entire page content, something like this:
<tr><td>repeating header content</td></tr>
<tr><td>main page content</td></tr>

You can do this with <div> tags by applying "display: table-header-group" and table-row-group.
Thanks mikeday! I'll give it a go.