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How do I... resolve spurious horizontal space before footnote superscripts

I am seeing a strange behaviour with superscript footnote references, where horizontal space is being created between the body text and the superscript, and I can't work out where it's coming from.


There is no whitespace in the html

  • I have tried various font families for the superscripts, but the space remains
  • The space does not appear for the same number in the different chapters of the manuscript (5 and 8 in one chapter, 7 in another, 25 in another etc.)
  • All of the text is left-aligned, so it's not due to justification.
  • The only pattern I have been able to discern is that it only seems to happen for some superscripts that are at the end of the line - I have not seen it for any superscripts that are in the middle of a sentence.
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Strange, would you be able to attach or email me ( some example HTML that demonstrates the problem?
Hi Mike.

Thanks so much for your quick response. As it turns out, the issue was caused by a CSS rule that we had created on our side, not by anything that Prince was doing. You asking to see the file prompted closer examination and revealed the issue.

Thanks again :)