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text orientation, draft watermark


Is it (or will it be) possible to act on the text orientation with any angle value?
Example: if I want to print a light gray DRAFT watermark on the background of every pages.
Actually I could rely on an image background, but if the text of the background is to be dynamic ("DRAFT Jan 2007 for John Smith") or font dependent it may be simpler to use only Prince to process all text, and it would generate smaller, faster to print PDF.

This may not be easy to do until we add support for SVG background images, which have been added to the development roadmap. SVG allows text to be rotated through arbitrary angles, but currently Prince does not support its use in background images, which makes it difficult to add it as the background for every page.
We have now released Prince 6.0 rev 3, which includes support for SVG background images. This should allow you to add rotated text to the background of every page.