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<ul> becomes figure and needs alternate text?

Edit: Figured out what the issue was: I had an image set as the marker for the list items.

New Question: How do I apply alt text to an image marker for a list item?

Should I just not bother? The image is purely decorative, and I wouldn't have thought it would need alt text since it's just a list marker. I'd rather use the image if possible, but I also need the document to be proper UA-1.

Original post:
Hello! Maybe I missed something important in the user manual (apologies if so!), but I've run into an issue I can't quite figure out.

I'm trying to make a PDF/UA-1 of a document that uses the <ul> and <li>tags. When I convert, I receive the following error message:

Figure structure element is missing alternative text on page 3

I've narrowed down that the issue is my lists, but I'm not sure how I'd go about adding alternate text, nor where. My research pulled up the prince-alt-text CSS property, but applying it to either element seems to make no difference in the error. Edit: Commenting out the <li> tags (while leaving the <ul> tags) seems to resolve the error, but obviously I no longer have the content in those lists.

I'm also not sure why a list is turned into a figure, but I know very little about PDF, so I'm not too worried about that unless someone thinks I should be!

How should I resolve this situation? Should I not be using these tags for this purpose?

Edit: I should probably include my code, huh? Here it is:
	<li>Here is an example entry.</li>
	<li>Here is another example entry.</li>

Edit: After further testing, I've discovered that this doesn't happen if I use <ol>. Perhaps I did miss something!

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Are there images in the list item, or is it using images for the list item markers? I assume there have to be images involved somewhere if it's complaining about figures. :)
Oh I missed your reply, we will investigate the list marker issue.
Awesome, thanks much Mike!
We have a new latest build that should fix the accessibility issue with list-style-image and also supports the prince-alt-text/prince-expansion-text properties on marker pseudo-elements.
Heck yeah! Thanks again, Mike!