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Float figures to top then bottom of page

I'd like to express a rule that would float figures in this way:

1. To the top of the page.
2. If there's already a figure at the top of the page, then float to the bottom of the page.
3. If there's already a figure at the bottom of the page, or there isn't enough room left, then float to the top of the next page.

In other words a maximum of two figures per page: the first at the top and the second at the bottom.

That's not possible, as far as I can tell, with any of
float: top
float: bottom
float: prince-snap
float: next
by themselves, but maybe a combination of
float: top bottom next
might be one way to express this?

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We're currently in the process of adding features like this for column floats, and are planning to do the same for page floats soon. I'll keep you posted :-)