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Move footnote marker inside the border

I've been working with footnotes, and while most everything works well, the one I have not been able to solve is getting the footnote marker to move inside of the page box.

For example, with this CSS:

@page {
    @footnotes {
        border-top: 1px solid black;

.footnote {
    float: footnote;
    line-height: 1;

.footnote::footnote-marker {
    color: red;
    font-weight: bold;
    footnote-style-position: inside;

The attached output is produced. I made the color red and the weight bold just to illustrate the other rules are being correctly applied, but the position seems to stay outside.

I was able to move it inside using "float: inline-footnote;" on the .footnote selector, but that doesn't produce a line break between notes, which I do need.

Anything I might be missing?
  1. example-prince-footnote.png13.6 kB
    Example rendering
The footnote-style-position property should be applied to the .footnote, not the ::footnote-marker.
Ah, that did work just fine. Thanks!