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"prince: internal error: src_order_flexlinebox: empty list" when building PDF using --tagged-pdf option


I can't find any information on what this error represents, can I get clarification on when it is triggered? It doesn't happen if I omit the --tagged-pdf option.

For now I'd like to just know when the error is triggered (I won't be able to provide the HTML as-is, but possibly a version with the sensitive info removed at the least).

Thank you,

Edit: I have figured it out, this was causing it (similar concept, basically a position:absolute element inside of a div with display:flex so the div would be seen as empty)

<div style="display:flex">
<div style="position:absolute">
<p>Hello, World!</p>
Thanks, we will investigate this issue.
The latest build includes a fix for this issue, thanks again for letting us know! :)